About us

CoviMed was founded in 2008 as a private-held company by a group of people who have been working for more than 15 years in the medical device industry. Our objective is to supply new technologies and high quality products allowing our clients to reduce hospital costs and to improve effectiveness of patients treatment.

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Our partners are world leading manufacturers of medical devices supplying an innovative products for minimally invasive surgery. Our major partner is a Bariatric Solutions Company manufacturing gastric bands and balloons as well as other devices for obesity surgery.

In 2014 Covimed entered into cooperation with Lipogems International S.p.A. manufacturing the advanced medical devices for the processing of lipoaspirated adipose tissue for autologous use. Lipogems products are used worldwide in the treatment of various pathologies and help patients speed up their return to a normal life with a cost-benefit ratio that can satisfy the requirements of the health service. 

Under this cooperation Covimed became a general distributor of Lipogems International S.p.A  for Central and Eastern European Countries, where it operates through a network of independent distributors, agents and direct sales force.

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Why choose our Company?

1. High quality products

Do you want to use a high quality products at reasonable price? Buying our products,  you can be sure to achieve that goal.

2. Innovation

Our products drive the medical market in the respective  specialties

3. Customer Care

Customer care is at the heart of our business. Discovering customer needs we provide high quality pre and post sales service, developing long lasting  relationships. We always deliver what we promise.


General surgery

Disposable Instruments for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Hand Instruments

Veress needle

Hernia meshes

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Retrival Bags

Polymer & Titanium Clips
and Clip Appliers

Flexible retractors
& wound protectors

Disposable Irrigation
& Suction Set

Bariatric surgery

Gynecology and Urology

For the treatment of
male stress urinary incontinence

Instruments for pelvic floor surgery

For the surgical treatment
of stress and mixed urinary incontinence

For the surgical treatment
of rectocele and cystocele


Adipose tissue
harvesting & processing

Intraarticular viscosupplementation with hyaluronic acid for treatment of osteoarthritis

Interdisciplinary products


Stamplery Skorne

Haemostatic dressings

Sterile Absorbable Haemostatic
Gelatin Sponges

Sterile Absorbable Haemostats made from Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose (ORC)

Sterile Absorable Haemostat based on Oxidised Cellulose (OC)


January 2019, CoviMed the sole distributor in Poland of ALSAVIN hyaluronic acids used in orthopedics.

Covimed is the General Distributor of Lipogems® International S.p.A. to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe

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